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There is something about spring that suggests a new start on an old challenge may be just around the corner. Winter temperatures are passing and there is more sunlight. The fruit tree on your way to the station is unwrapping it’s blossoms  and tiny clusters of mauve are appearing along an avenue of jacarandas.

Welcome to my counseling website! An entirely new adventure in cyberspace for me, I hope it will help support your own emergence this springtime.

Stay tuned for short blogs and helpful links. Some of these have been collected over years while others have been opening up more recently.

In my early years of practice I was drawn to a theory called Psychosynthesis and to Logotherapy. These are approaches to understanding the whole person: where we have come from, where we want to go and what we may be.

Later a war broke out between methods that focused on ways to build a science of human behaviour that could be observed and objectively measured, chiefly Cognitive Therapy and Behavioural Therapy and other methods that had a closer link to philosophy, personal story and meaning. It got pretty ugly and confusing! Sometimes still is!

The good news is that psychology is emerging from this war with a new synthesis! For me in both my personal journey and my professional practice this is best expressed in the dynamic work of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy or ACT (see below for links to websites, podcasts and books). This method embraces all that I have learnt from both sides of the debates, it has a depth of research that is encouraging and exciting but most importantly it can support your emergence in powerful ways sensitive to your own needs and style.
So let me open this website with an invitation to stay tuned for ways that help you to ACT on the possibilities for YOU!

Some more great information on ACT:

Act Mindfully 

Contextual Science
(Great site for professional counsellors and for those wanting to delve more deeply into ACT)